WWDC 2022 could be really interesting

Expect some eye-catching announcements at the show on Monday.

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It’s finally June, which means two things: the pool is open at my house, and Apple’s annual World Wide Developer Conference is right around the corner.

WWDC is always pretty exciting, albeit not the most exciting for general consumers. It’s a time when a lot of nerds, developers (ofc), tech press, and Apple fans tune in to see what Apple’s annual onslaught of software updates will deliver in the fall. For 2022, it seems like there will be a lot to talk about, especially when it comes to iOS 16 and iPadOS 16.

Bloomberg has been reporting that some major changes will be coming to these two operating systems. iOS 16 is getting a new lock screen with widgets, redesigned stock apps, improvements to Messages, and more. It’s also expected to lay the ground work for an iPhone with an always-on display, likely coming exclusively to the iPhone 14 Pro later this year.

But it’s iPadOS 16 that I’m the most excited about because of how significant its rumored feature list is.

A report from Bloomberg suggests Apple is gonna make multitasking on the iPad much more like a laptop with iPadOS 16. There will be new ways to juggle all the apps you have open, switch between them, and even float them around in resizable windows. These are all features many iPad users have been asking for for years, especially since the iPad Pro line switched to the ever-powerful M1 chip.

Over the past couple years, we haven’t had any meaningful iPadOS updates. They’ve all had a few nice features here and there, but mostly to bring it in line with whatever iOS was doing. WWDC 22 seems destined to change that. And thank God, because all of the power under the hood of the latest iPads is a crime to waste with its limited software as it exists today.

Granted, these are all rumors and Apple could wind up disappointing by making iPadOS 16 much more lackluster than we’re expecting, but reporter Mark Gurman’s track record is pretty good with these types of leaks, so I’d say to at least expect something interesting in the iPad world.

Elsewhere, WWDC 2022 should deliver some solid improvements for the Mac in macOS 13. There will be a new System Preferences interface that’ll bring it further in line with iOS, and I’m sure there will be upgrades to other apps and some new features sprinkled in. The Apple Watch will get watchOS 9 which is expected to feature a low-power mode and improved navigation, while the Apple TV’s tvOS 16 will offer new integration with other smart home platforms.

If there’s one area where general consumers might get excited as the curtain closes on Monday, it’s hardware. Apple has been rumored to be preparing a redesigned MacBook Air for release around the middle of this year, and along with it the introduction of the M2 processor which it’ll run on. Those two pieces of hardware seem to be the most likely to appear at WWDC, if Apple is planning on showing off any hardware at all during the show.

And I’m not gonna go this whole newsletter ignoring the long-standing, looming rumor that is the company’s mixed reality headset. Apple has been working on it for years, all while never locking it down enough where it can bring it to market. Over the past 12 to 18 months, that seems to have changed as the headset came together in a way worthy of showing off to the board of directors. With all the buzz around it, there’s a chance Apple will give developers a sneak peak during this year’s WWDC, but I wouldn’t bet money on it only because of how uncertain we are that it’ll start shipping in the near future.

Overall, WWDC 2022 should be a really good show. As per usual, I’m sure Apple has a few surprises up its sleeves and we won’t know what they are until the company takes the stage on Monday. I’ll be live-blogging the event this year (link coming shortly!), so if you wanna tune in without actually watching the event, stay tuned.

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