YouTuber MKBHD Will Reveal What ‘K’ Stands For Under One Condition

YouTuber Marques Brownlee (a.k.a. MKBHD) has been making technology-centric YouTube videos for a decade at this point and has accumulated over six million subscribers. That doesn’t go without saying he rightfully deserves all the attention and success he attains – his videos are some of the most well-produced and thoughtfully considered on the platform. But among his followers, there’s always been something that bugs the heck out of anyone who reads his name: what does the “K” stand for?

Brownlee has said in the past the “K” stands for his middle name, but he never publicly stated exactly what it was. Now, though, Marques says he’ll unveil his second name, but under one condition: he needs to reach 10 million subscribers.

During his most recent “Ask MKBHD!” episode, a fellow Twitter user asked him if he’d unveil what the “K” stood for if he reached seven million subscribers, to which Brownlee replied, “Naaaw.”

“How bout 10? How bout 10? If we had a digit, I’ll tell you. How bout that?”

He later confirmed on Twitter he’ll announce what “K” stands for after he reaches 10 million subscribers.

At the time of writing, Brownlee has 6,901,833 subscribers on his main YouTube channel. Therefore, we still have a ways to go until he reaches 10 million. Hopefully, it comes sooner than later since I’m sure a lot of you are dying to know exactly what that mysterious “K” stands for.

If you haven’t already subscribed to his channel, you can do that here.

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