You’re Gonna Lose Your 15GB of OneDrive Storage and Camera Roll Bonus Tomorrow (If You Don’t Sign Up to Keep It)

OneDrive has given users 15GB of cloud storage on it’s platform for free for a long time. However, Microsoft announced in November that they’d be axing the free 15GB of storage and reducing it to 5GB of free storage in early 2016, along with trashing the 15GB camera roll bonus all together. And now that day has come… well, not yet.


Tomorrow, January 31st, Microsoft will be cutting users short of 10GB in their OneDrive storage along with depriving customers of that 15GB camera roll bonus. The only way to avoid this change/loss is to re-activate your OneDrive cloud to notify Microsoft to not include you in the termination of extra cloud storage amongst others.

All you need to do is click this link which will take you to the activation page. There, just follow the prompts displayed on the webpage and confirm the activation. Then, you’re all set. You’ll be able to keep your 15GB of OneDrive space along with that camera roll bonus.


You might be saying to yourself, “Hey! I got a 10GB Loyalty Bonus back when I had 25GB of space on SkyDrive! What’s gonna happen to it?!?” And I’m happy to say you can rest easy, because Microsoft has also stated that users with this free storage will keep every bit of it. I suggest being pretty thankful for this, as it’s not every day you get 25GB of free cloud storage after multiple value cuts in the space you get over the course of many years.

Be snappy with that activation! Remember, you only have until tomorrow, January 31st!

> I’m gonna save my storage!