You Can Now Watch Videos While You Navigate Desktop YouTube

YouTube has finally begun rolling out a highly requested feature many users have been waiting years for: picture-in-picture while navigating the service. One of the biggest annoyances of YouTube has been the lack of the ability to look for other content on the platform while watching something like on mobile. Finally, this gripe has been resolved with the functionality now rolling out to a vast majority of users.

To use the feature, you’ll need to click the Miniplayer icon in the YouTube video interface along the bottom row of buttons. Afterward, your video will be shrunken down to a miniature version of itself and live in the bottom right corner while you scroll around YouTube. It’s a minor tweak, but it’ll definitely come in handy when you wanna look for more videos while you’re in the middle of watching one.

Let us know if you see the feature in YouTube on your device in the comments. And FYI, it isn’t a Chrome exclusive or anything – it works on any browser that supports YouTube.