You Can Now Use Instagram on Windows 10 PCs (But with One Weird Catch)

Back in April, Instagram finally launched their official app for Windows 10 Mobile. However, it wasn’t released as a Universal app, meaning it would only work on Mobile and not tablets or PCs. Now, the social network has announced via a blog post that their Windows 10 application officially works as a Universal platform so those of you with a Windows 10 tablet or even PC can use it. However, there is a pretty weird catch…

Although most of the features of Instagram are present across phones, tablets, and PCs like Stories, Direct, and Explore, in order to upload photos your computer will require a touch screen. It’s assumed that since a PC has a touch screen, it’s technically a big tablet which is what Instagram is targeting with their app anyway. I mean, just look at the headline of their blog post announcing the update:

Introducing Instagram for Windows 10 Tablets

See that last word? Well, that’s the platform Instagram is really aiming for. We can just use the app on W10 PCs thanks to it. Now, if you’re using a Surface Pro 4 or Book, you’ll be fine. But if you’re using, say, a sub-$200 Windows laptop, you’re probably out of luck. Nevertheless, most users should be able to enjoy everything Instagram has to offer thanks to the new tablet app.

Oh yeah, and there’s still no Instagram app for iPad in case you were wondering.

Download Instagram for Windows 10 here