You Can Now Preorder the LG V20 from T-Mobile

A couple of weeks ago, preorders went live for the LG V20 from some carriers. However, T-Mobile wasn’t on that list. Now, the Un-carrier has officially made the dual-screened 2016 flagship available for preorder with some extra goodies in store for early buyers…

For starters, anyone who brings in a 4G LTE-compatible working smartphone will receive a minimum $200 credit. Even if your phone is valued at under $200, T-Mobile will make up the difference out of their generosity, no buts about it. Plus, like is the case with many other preorder processes, customers can also snag a free pair of H3 B&O headphones that go with the V20’s custom 24-bit DAC (redeemable on LG’s website). These earbuds usually go for $150, so you’re definitely saving some cash in this department.

Getting into the pricing of the V20 at T-Mobile, the carrier states that the handset will be available for $49.99 down and $30/month for 24 months on their Equipment Installment Plan. For those of you on the network’s JUMP! plan, the V20 will be available for $0 up front and $34/month over 18 months. Overall, the cost of the smartphone at T-Mobile is $769, a significant difference when compared to the $830 price tag at AT&T.

October 28th is the release date of the V20 across the US, so we’re only 11 days away from seeing the handset’s official launch. For reference, the LG V20 sports a 5.7-inch dual-display setup, dual-cameras, Android 7.0 Nougat, a Snapdragon 820 processor, and 4GB of RAM.