You Can Now Pay for Google Drive Annually and For Less Money

Many cloud storage services like Dropbox offer annual rate plans for subscribers to pay year-on-year for extra space. One leading competitor in this market is Google with Google Drive. But up until now, users have been restricted to paying month-by-month rather a yearly payment plan. However, starting today, the company is opening up their cloud computing service to those who prefer paying annually for services such as Drive. This also reduces the cost of the platform.


For instance, for 100Gb of storage, Google will charge you $19.99 per year, 16% off the cost of a monthly subscription set to $1.99 per month. For 1TB of storage, you’ll pay $99.99 per year and save 17% when compared to the $9.99 per month offering. Currently, these are the only two annual plans offered, but more may be added in the future for those who need even more space in their Drive.

As of now, the new annual Drive plans aren’t showing up in Google’s support form for the service, but they are present on the plan selection page. If you live somewhere outside the US, there’s a good chance you can take advantage of the new plans as well. Let us know if you see the new options in other markets in the comments below.