You Can Now Buy the Galaxy Note 7 Again in the US

As per a report over on Droid Life, it appears that Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile have all started selling the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 again after a major recall was conducted which came to life due to reports of exploding batteries found within units of the handset. Just yesterday, Samsung said 500,000 units of the Note 7 which were approved by the US Safety Commission had been shipped to carriers across the US, however these units were expected to remain exclusives for those of you looking to exchange your current handset for a safer, updated model; however, it appears this isn’t true and that these units will be available for purchase and exchange across all four major carriers.

For those of you looking to pick up the Galaxy Note 7, Verizon and Sprint seem to have all three colors in stock online with deliveries available to be made as early as by tomorrow morning. AT&T also has all three colors in stock, however they do tell you to select the color you want and check in-store availability as this seems to be the current method of grabbing a unit through the carrier for now. Those of you looking to grab the Note 7 through T-Mobile may also have the same experience as with AT&T. We’ll update this if we learn anything new.

It’s worth noting that Samsung isn’t selling the Galaxy Note 7 as of yet. Only the four major US carriers seem to be at this point. Of course, we probably don’t have much longer to wait until the company begins selling their latest handset again, but we obviously don’t have any confirmed information at the moment so stay tuned.

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