You Can Now Buy Snap’s Spectacles from Amazon

Snap Inc’s Spectacles have been a pretty hard buy for most people. Sure, they eventually landed online on Snap’s website, but previously they were exclusive to a few vending machines and a retail location last holiday season. Luckily, those of you who wanna take pictures and videos for Snapchat with your glasses can now get the $129.99 Spectacles from Amazon.

Screenshot (8)

This means that literally, anyone with access to will be able to pick up Spectacles. This is certainly helpful, as Recode projects Snap Inc has only sold roughly 60,000 units of the device. Hopefully, now that they’re on Amazon and are subject to discounts pretty frequently, more and more people will buy them.

The glasses are available in a trio of colors and are even eligible for next-day delivery. You can order your pair here.

VIA: The Verge