You Can Now Buy an Otterbox Case For Your Google Pixel from the Google Store

Everyone knows Otterbox as the company who creates extremely durable smartphone and tablet cases that can survive extreme drops and are basically element-proof. The company created two Defender cases for Google’s Pixel lineup (with one to fit the standard 5-inch Pixel and the other to fit the larger 5.5-inch Pixel XL), while they’ve been for sale at various retailers and Otterbox themselves. Now, for those who are interested in picking up an Otterbox case for their Google phone, you can purchase the accessories at the official Google online store.

Price wise, the Otterbox Defender for the standard Pixel comes in at $49.95, while the one for the Pixel XL costs $59.95. Obviously, these definitely aren’t low prices for a smartphone case, but think of it as an investment (the only way to think about it without feeling guilty). Besides, you’re getting some of the very best protection for your Pixel in case of accidental drops or slips. And while these cases don’t provide waterproofing for Google’s phones, they can survive some rain and sweat (in other words, don’t go dunking these things in a puddle with your phone inside them as some damage will occur).

Overall, if you’ve got $60 to spend, constantly keep dropping your Pixel, and like buying stuff from the Google Store, click one of the links below and pick up an Otterbox Defender.