You Can Now Buy a Big Mouth Billy Bass for Amazon Alexa

Remember a couple of years back when a guy hacked his Big Mouth Billy Bass to mouth Amazon’s voice assistant Alexa? Well, as it turns out, a company reached out to him a year later and said they wanted to turn the idea into a product and sell it. Now, that product is available for preorder through (you guessed it!) Amazon for just $39.99.

The gadget, simply called “Big Mouth Billy Bass – Compatible with Alexa,” connects to your Amazon Echo speaker over Bluetooth and is designed to respond to any Alexa-esque commands you say. So if you ask Alexa for the weather, Big Mouth Billy will turn his head and respond by moving his mouth accordingly. He even dances to music and sings the original song “Fishing Time.”

Honestly, this could possibly be the best gift you could get someone this holiday season. Not only does it offer a nostalgic novelty vibe, but it’s also super affordable. I know there’s a good chance I’ll be picking one up.

For those wondering, the accessory starts shipping December 1st. You can buy it here.