Xiaomi Teases Dual-Folding Phone in New Video

Xiaomi has published a new video to Weibo and Twitter which shows off the company’s upcoming foldable smartphone. However, instead of folding strictly in half, the device actually has two folding points which allow the device to convert from a relatively small tablet to a compact smartphone. The phone’s software (which Xiaomi says is MIUI) automatically adapts to the new form factor which was one of Xiaomi’s technical problems it says it was able to overcome during the production process.

In case you’re wondering, the device Xiaomi co-founder and present Lin Bin is holding in the video is just an engineering model. In other words, the phone we see today might not be the same device we see eventually hit the market. It seems likely the phone will change at some point down the road, however, since Xiaomi isn’t sharing any specs or precise details about the device just yet.

Undoubtedly, foldable phones seem cool in concept. Bendable screens aren’t yet as mainstream as flat displays, and when average consumers see them for the first time, their reaction is always some variation of being completely flabbergasted. However, when it comes to practicality, it’s unclear whether foldable phones will prove they’re better than standard smartphones. You get a bigger screen when you want it, sure, but when you just want to use a regular, ordinary smartphone, you don’t necessarily get the same experience you do now.

I’m sure Xiaomi will convince some phone buyers that a foldable phone is worth the money. Speaking of which, the company didn’t share any pricing information for this device, but with MWC 2019 right around the corner, we expect to hear much more on this topic. Stay tuned.