WSJ: Apple is Readying Three 2019 iPhones, Including One with Three Rear Cameras

The Wall Street Journal has issued a new report in which the publication claims to shed light on Apple’s upcoming 2019 iPhone lineup. Much like last year, WSJ notes the company is planning three new phones for this year, including a successor to last year’s iPhone XR. There will also be a direct successor to the iPhone XS, but the device succeeding the XS Max seems to be the most interesting of the trio.

According to WSJ, Apple’s highest-end 2019 iPhone will come with three rear cameras. Currently, flagship iPhones come with two camera lenses on the back to help with depth sensing and portrait mode effects. With three cameras, however, Apple may be able to achieve new 3D effects for apps and other services on its devices. It’s unclear exactly what the use case would be for three rear cameras on an iPhone, but a main sensor, a telephoto, and a wide-angle camera remain possibilities since companies like LG and Huawei have opted for that implementation in the past.

As far as the other two iPhones, WSJ says the smaller 5.8-inch iPhone will stick with two rear cameras, while the successor to the XR will gain a second camera on the back. Next year, it’s even said all three iPhones will switch to OLED displays instead of just one including an LCD screen. This would certainly drive the costs of manufacturing iPhones up a bit, but right now, there isn’t very much information into what the company has in store for 2020 so we’ll have to take this rumor with a grain of salt.

With nine full months to go, there’s still a lot that can happen before the new iPhones are officially unveiled. Therefore, be sure to stay tuned for more rumors that are sure to arrive over the spring and summer.