Watch This Video If You Wanna Know Where Thor Was During Captain America: Civil War

Whether you’ve seen Captain America: Civil War or not (like me), you probably know by now that Thor is nowhere to be seen in the film. The reason behind this decision remains unclear and surrounded by plenty of speculation, however Marvel hopes that they can clear at least some of the controversy up via a video which hilariously explains why Thor was absent in the latest Marvel film.



In the video, Thor apparently moved in with some guy named Darryl and kinda cut down on his seriousness and tough-guy attitude. And surprise, the whole thing works. Chris Hemsworth has been known for being pretty funny thanks to his appearances in the Ghostbusters remake and the reboot of Vacation, so the video by no means seems out-of-place, awkward, or just plain weird. We also seem to learn a bit more on what the Hulk’s been up to while Civil War went on, however we don’t learn as much as we do about Thor.

If you’re wondering whether Marvel made this video just for the internet or not, allow me to clear it up for you: they didn’t. In fact, this video amongst many other bloopers, outtakes, and more will be featured on the Blu-Ray version of Captain America: Civil War. The Blu-Ray version of the film will be released on September 13th, while you’ll also be able to check out the same special features mentioned by picking up the film on digital HD starting September 2nd.

What do you think of the video above?

Source: Marvel Studios (Twitter) via Outer Places