Watch Taylor Swift Fall Off a Treadmill in Apple’s Latest Ad

Ah, the irony. Remember how Taylor Swift yelled at Apple on Twitter for not paying artists during free trial periods of Apple Music which made the company quickly change their minds? Well, now that Apple’s done something for her, Swift needs to do something for them. And it’s kinda hard to watch…

In Apple’s latest ad for Apple Music, the global music sensation is seen with a Rose Gold iPhone 6s while on the Music app in iOS 9. She selects a track from Apple Music’s curated playlist “#GYMFLOW” called “Jumpman” by Drake (who isn’t a stranger to the streaming service) and Future. She gets pumped up, starts singing all the words, and, well… this happens.

Apparently, the advertising department at Apple thought it’d be funny if Taylor Swift, one of the biggest stars in the entire world, were to fall off a treadmill and smack her face on the ground. Watching the ad makes you cringe… or at least it made me cringe…

But obviously, they brought in a stunt double so Apple wouldn’t have to pay Swift’s medical bills. It’s still hard to watch, though, stunt double or not.

Oh, and here’s a GIF made of out the clip above of the best part for your enjoyment! You’re welcome!