Watch Sirin Lab’s $20,000 Android Smartphone Get Unboxed

Back in May, Sirin Labs showed off their ultra-secure Android-powered smartphone called Solarin that costs $20,000. It’s an insane price for just a simple smartphone, but with the build materials and security features included, some justification for the price may be in place.

Radio silence has occured since then as we haven’t heard much more about the smartphone. However, over the holiday weekend, a video was published to the YouTube channel Unbox Therapy demonstrating an unboxing of the Solarin, and to little surprise, this thing looks like it costs $20,000.

In the video, Lewis Hilsenteger, the creator and manager of Unbox Therapy, shares some interesting facts about the Solarin. For instance, actual gold is used for the chamfers and edges of the handset, while carbon fiber is used for the back of the phone alongside the oddly shaped SIM tool. All IO for the handset is found on either side including the USB-C port, the headphone jack, and SIM card slot due to the top and bottom being curved.

No specs are shared about the Solarin such as the internals (e.g. processor, RAM amount, storage options), however we do know that the rear camera weighs in at 17.8 megapixels while the selfie shooter features 8MP to work with. Regarding the rear camera, above this sensor is a switch which activates the phone’s security mode, preventing users from using the rest of the Android operating system. The only two functions available are the phone and messaging services, while only verified people who install a certain application on either iOS or Android can contact you via this method due to the high level of encryption taking place.

As mentioned by Hilsenteger, this phone is really only meant for people who lead extremely secure lives such as those involved with the CIA or White House. It’s not meant for people to just pick up as their next smartphone for the next two years. Of course, anyone can buy a Solarin, but why bother since it’s $20,000?

Therefore, put that credit card down. Just watch the video, enjoy, and drool over a phone that no one but the President of the United States needs.