Washington Police Chase Down Alleged UFO in Video

A new video has surfaced on YouTube claiming that over 10 Washington police, FBI, and fire personnel cars were in hot pursuit of an alleged UFO sighting possibly spotted by one or all of the officials mentioned. In the video (seen below), you’ll notice various police vehicles and fire trucks flying by on the road allegedly chasing an unidentified flying object in the sky which remains in frame for a vast majority of the clip. Quality of the video is very poor, however this hints at it’s being not a joke but real.

The video seems to show an object with about 10 different lights attached to it and all glowing. The women in the clip claim that they see the lights chaning color multiple times, however it appears that the object never or barley moves. A couple of turn-arounds by the camera reveals the officials allegedly in hot pursuit of this aircraft, however not much else is known via the video as little information and descriptions are provided.

Of course, this may all be a coincidence that a mysterious light in the sky appeared the same time various police cars and fire trucks decided to drive by. However, past evidence of UFOs roaming this very same area (which weighs around a ton, by the way) give us a tease that the object in the video above may very well be something the government wants to hide from the public.

Popular YouTube channel thirdphaseofmoon recently made an entire video about this alleged UFO sighting and claim that the fire trucks and FBI/police vehicles may be after possible debris that’s fallen from an explosion which may explain the lights, however I’m not sure if I agree completely with this theory.

Obviously, nothing’s confirmed that this is a UFO, as it’s very possible that the unidentified flying object may be a military plane or some type of aircraft the public isn’t used to seeing in the skies. However, this argument really stands up to you, the reader.

What’s your take on the video above? Is it a legit reminder that we’re not alone in the universe, or is this something that doesn’t deserve a second look? Let us know in the comment section!

Source: girlwithirishhope (YouTube) via Clapway