Wanna Bring Night Mode Back in Android Nougat? Try This App

Back in the developer preview stages of Android N (now known as Nougat and is rolling out publicly), a feature called Night Mode came built-in which filtered out the blue light radiating off your screen to protect your eyes. After all, research suggests that viewing an unfiltered screen before bed (regardless how bright you have it) can harm your eyes and cause irritation. However, as we drew closer to the final release of Android 7.0, it was discovered that Night Mode had been removed and replaced with… nothing. It was just completely removed.

This overall stunk when users couldn’t turn on the fancy feature to protect their eyes as they scrolled through their phones. I mean, iOS users have it. Why can’t Android users have it? Surely there must be some way to activate the feature again, right?  Well all you Night Mode user-wanna-be’s, you’d be correct.

By using a free app called Night Mode Enabler, you can turn on and off Night Mode in Android Nougat thanks to developer Michael Evans and his colleagues finding code traces of the feature and figuring out how to enable it.

Evans explains below.

Long story short, if you pass the right extras to this activity, and you’ll get access to the Night Mode settings (as well as the infamous Quick Tile!). Fortunately for us, this is pretty trivial to accomplish with adb via adb -d shell am start --ez show_night_mode true com.android.systemui/.tuner.TunerActivity, but not everyone who wants this feature is familiar with adb. So I published an app to the Play Store that does exactly that – click one button, and get access to those settings! You can find the app on the Play Store here.

And don’t go thinking this is some type of cheap knock-off Night Mode. This is the real thing. Plus, the app won’t (or at least shouldn’t) do any harm to your device whatsoever. All it will do is enable a hidden feature. That’s it.

If you would like to bring Night Mode back to your Android Nougat device, head over to the Play Store and download Night Mode Enabler for free.

Source: Michael Evans | Play Store via 9to5Google