Verizon Now Rolling Out Android Marshmallow to HTC One M9, LG G3/G4

Verizon has begun to roll out Android Marshmallow 6.0 to three different smartphones locked to their network. These smartphones include the HTC One M9 (which coincidentally is receiving Marshmallow on T-Mobile’s network today as well), the LG G3, and the LG G4.


Verizon has advised users that they recommend having a strong Wi-Fi signal and a full battery before downloading the appropriate software update, otherwise something may go wrong during the installation and potentially ruin your phone.

Version 3.37.605.7 is what the HTC One M9 will be brought to after the software upgrade runs it’s course, while the LG G3 will be updated to VS98546A and the G4 to VS98624C.

While still bringing all of Android Marshmallow’s features, the software upgrades rolling out today will update the HTC One M9 with Sense 7.0, the phone’s built-in skin. LG has also made some changes in the 6.0 upgrade like alternate icons, new functions, and more.

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