US Government Again Makes the Galaxy Note 7 Recall Official

As if it wasn’t already known, Samsung has recalled the Galaxy Note 7 due to the device erupting into flames and causing serious health risks. However, this recall hasn’t been made official until today, as the US Consumer Product Safety Commission has extended their previous recall to cover supposedly “repaired” models of the handset since these phones are also experiencing the same problem. For more information on the recall, visit this page.

In the mean time, if you own a Galaxy Note 7 and decide to trade it in for another Samsung device, the company will give you a $100 bill credit via select carriers and retailers across the globe. In addition, if you already exchanged your Note 7 for a second Samsung product, the company will give you up to a $75 credit which adds onto the already offered $25 gift card/bill credit. If you ultimately decide to either get a refund for the phone or choose a phone from another manufacturer, Samsung will still give you a $25 bill credit as a token of their appreciation for you not taking a chance in blowing yourself up.

This recall will be effective starting today at 3PM ET/12PM PT. You can learn more via the link in the sourcing section below.

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