Unlimited Data for $70/Month? Yes, Please!

Unlimited data plans are slowly creeping away from the public eye and are being covered up by things like T-Mobile’s Binge On program. However, AT&T-owned Cricket Wireless isn’t done with the choice to give customers as much data as they want. This Sunday, April 17th, Cricket will introduce a new plan to give customers unlimited data for just $70 a month. That’s already a staggering low price, however it gets better: if you enable auto-pay on your account, the carrier will knock off an extra $5 from your monthly bill, totaling out to $65 a month. But there’s gotta be a catch right? Well…


Unfortunately, something this good has to come with some kind of sacrifice, and that’s in the data speeds. While you do get as much unthrottled data as you want, the speeds are capped at 8Mbps for LTE and 4Mbps for HSPA+. But really, this isn’t as big a deal as some might think. If you’re one to rely on Wi-Fi to download big files, you’ll be fine on this plan. However, if you use your phone as your sole portal to the web, you may want to look elsewhere. But nonetheless, this is an amazing deal that I recommend jumping on.

For all you T-Mobile customers, if you’re interested in making the switch to Cricket Wireless, the carrier will give you $100 to spend on your monthly bill with them. Pretty sweet, huh?

Will you be making the switch for unlimited data at this ridiculous price? Let us know in the comments!

(Do note that this isn’t just some special and that this is an actual base-line data plan from Cricket Wireless. It isn’t a deal that’ll last for two weeks or something like that.)

Source: Android Authority