Twitter’s Android TV App Launches Just in Time for Thursday Night Football

Following the release of apps for Apple TV, Fire TV, and Xbox One, Twitter has officially launched an app for Android TV that allows users to stream NFL games and other major events taking place that Twitter has the rights to. This comes the day of the next Thursday Night Football game with the Saints and Packers battling it out on the field starting at 8PM ET.

In case you’ve never heard of Android TV, you have good reason to. Android TV isn’t as popular as Google and others had hoped, however it has made its way to a fair amount of hardware such as the Nexus Player, Xiaomi Mi Box, and even Sony’s lineup of streaming set-top-boxes. Nevertheless, the market exists for Android TV users, and Twitter wants to make themselves as widely available as possible.

In the official Twitter app for Android TV, streamers can watch live NFL games and other events and read the latest, hottest tweets about whatever’s playing. For example, you can receive up-to-the-minute updates from right on the field during your favorite sports game, while breaking news can also be streamlined into a feed that appears to the right of the video feed. Overall, Twitter has made a nice experience plenty seem to enjoy. Let’s just hope Android TV doesn’t die before this app can build up some momentum…

Click here to download Twitter for Android TV.