Twitter is Working on a True Dark Mode

Back in 2017, Twitter introduced a dark mode for its mobile apps and the web. At the time, it was something to please those begging for the company to introduce a darkened UI so users wouldn’t strain their eyes in low-light environments. But as if this comes as a surprise, some users weren’t satisfied since all Twitter’s “night mode” is is a dark blue player on top of the normal Twitter experience. Luckily, it looks like this is gonna change.

A tweet in reply to Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey stated a desire for a true black theme for the app, not the current app’s “weird blue” theme. Dorsey replied saying how executives were just talking about making this change and that the company “will fix” it in the future.

With a true black theme in Twitter, those with an OLED smartphone would save battery life since the pixels on their screens could be shut off and, in turn, preserve precious energy. Unfortunately, we don’t have a timeline for when the feature will begin rolling out, but we’ll let you know when it does.