Twitter is Testing the Ability to Toggle On or Off Chronological Order for Tweets

Twitter’s algorithm-infused timeline for tweets in a users’ feed has made many folks upset during its lifespan and there doesn’t seem to be any departure from the feature for the company in the future. Ultimately, up until this point, users have decided instead of ditching the “top tweets” format altogether, it may be better if the company gave people the option of choosing whether to see recommend tweets at first or the latest ones that come in.

That’s exactly what Twitter has announced it’s beginning to test with users. In a new tweet, the company unveiled it’s formally testing the ability to toggle between top tweets and the latest tweets throughout your timeline. The feature’s being tested among a small group of iOS users (including myself).

As you can see, the feature gives you the option of choosing between one of two available timeline formats. I’m currently trying out the chronological format which, I have to say, in my opinion, is far better than the top tweets order. It gives me the latest tweets at the top which you don’t find with the standard Twitter timeline. And if you think otherwise, the feature will allow you to stick with the algorithmic timeline.

It’s unclear whether Android users will get to test the feature or not, but we’ll keep you posted if Twitter decides to roll it out.