Twitter is Rolling Out its Own Emoji Because of Android’s Update Problems

If you own an Android phone, chances are you’re concerned about software updates. Often times, manufacturers don’t care enough to push the latest Android versions to their smartphones, and this has created a ton of fragmentation across the industry. One particular problem that has affected millions of people thanks to fragmentation is emoji compatibility since virtually every Android upgrade comes with new emojis that aren’t supported by older versions. Thanks to this, some apps are taking action to provide a consistent library of available emojis to use, and today Twitter is jumping on the bandwagon.

Via a blog post, Twitter has announced it’s introducing its own library of emojis that can be used on Android Nougat and earlier that brings full support for all the recently introduced emojis to users of older versions of Google’s operating system. Called “Twemoji,” the emojis will begin appearing on users’ devices starting today and replace the exed-out boxes you may be used to seeing in place of an unsupported emoji.

Notably, if you don’t want to use Twemoji, you can always turn it off in the Twitter for Android app’s settings, but if you’re on an older version of Android, you probably won’t want to.

You can check out all the Twemoji on Emojipedia here. The emojis should reach all Android users soon.