Twitter is Bringing Back Reverse-Chronological Order for All Users

Just recently, Twitter announced it would begin testing a new toggle at the top of its mobile app that would allow users to switch between a timeline filled with tweets Twitter thinks you wanna see and a reverse-chronological list that hasn’t been around since 2014. Surprisingly enough, those that were fortunate enough to test it (including myself) liked it enough that Twitter is beginning to roll the feature out to all users of the platform.


To access the feature, you’ll find a toggle at the top of the Twitter app on your device which the company calls a “sparkle.” Tap that, and you’ll find the option to switch between seeing your “top tweets” first and the latest tweets first. The company claims if they discover you like one mode over the other, the app will work to set that mode by default so you see it every time you open Twitter. I’ve had my app set to show me the latest tweets first since I got access to the feature and, by God, no amount of money could convince me to go back to my “top tweets.”

Unfortunately, the rollout of this feature is pretty sketchy. While Twitter says all users should see the feature today, only those using iOS actually have access to it. So far, there’s no word on when Android users might see the feature, but we’ll let you know when they do.