Twitter Formally Announces Material Design Makeover in Android App

Just a week ago, Twitter began rolling out their highly anticipated material design makeover to their Android app, and now the company is formally announcing the update via..Twitter (and a blog post, but that’s not important).



I’ve stated previously what was new in the updated Twitter for Android interface, however I’ll remind you again with words straight from the source.

Here’s what we’ve changed to make using Twitter for Android easier:

  • Tab bar at the top of the screen with swipe functionality so you can quickly move between your Home timeline, Notifications, Direct Messages, and more.
  • Navigation menu that slides out from the side for access to your profile, Highlights, lists, the Connect tab, and settings.
  • New floating action button so you can always easily send a Tweet.

Previously, this new design was rolling out server-side, so if you want the new material makeover on Twitter for Android, simply update the app through the Play Store.

Source: via 9to5Google