Tomorrow’s Gaming Technology

In modern times, gaming is a favorite hobby for many people. While in the past, gaming was mostly done on computers or consoles, today’s smartphones are able to reproduce the same graphical fidelity that one can find on other gaming platforms.

Virtual Reality

Throughout the past few years, many innovations were made that have improved the way in which games can be experienced. Lately, Virtual Reality, and to some extent, Augmented Reality technology has been making headlines with gadgets such as the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and the PlayStation VR.

Being able to enter a video game world space is surely an amazing experience and this is something that many hardcore gamers have been waiting for. As impressive as this technology is, there is a new trend that is making its way to the spotlight. I’m talking about cloud gaming.

The Cloud

Whether or not is too early for this technology to be adopted by the masses is up for debate, as there are many places in the world where fast internet connection is not available. Each major gaming company is interested in developing their own cloud gaming service. Recently, Sony and Microsoft have teamed up and now work together to develop a cloud gaming service for the PlayStation and the Xbox. This could be their reaction to the recently announced cloud gaming platform, Stadia, developed by Google.

The public’s thoughts on cloud gaming is mixed. Many old school gamers prefer to own the games that they play and when it comes to people who play on PC, many of them enjoy having a powerful PC that they themselves have put together and are very proud of. With cloud gaming, this is no longer necessary, as the one is able to play on any device, regardless of how powerful it is, with the only requirement being a good and stable internet connection.

Seamless Casinos

The casino gaming industry is not one to fall behind with these new technological innovations, as many casino gaming developers are always looking to innovate and improve their gaming experience. For example, playing an online casino in the web browser is now more seamless than ever. Either you play on a PC, laptop or a smartphone, the same polished gameplay can be experienced. Cloud gaming will allow online casino games to be experienced directly without the need to download the software package. Many of the games found on casino websites have an application for either Android or iOS. The performance of mobile phones have allowed casino games to have gorgeous graphics and a seamless performance. This can be seen in slot games such as the modern Book of Ra or the more classic slot game, Sizzling Hot. Games such as these don’t necessarily require cloud streaming because they don’t demand a lot of processing power and they still manage to look amazing.

Cloud gaming may allow companies to develop more graphically intensive games. Because the game is being rendered locally on the company’s hardware, players no longer require powerful devices to enjoy a more immersive and complex experience.


Cloud gaming technology is still in its infancy and there will be a while before it can be fully adopted by the public as there is a large gap when it comes to the availability of fast internet connections. While some time ago, cloud gaming has been a questionable idea, companies such as Google have proven that the technology is possible and it’s here.