Tidal Introduces ‘My Mix’ Personalized Playlists

Tidal today announced the introduction of “My Mix” personalized playlists that are all meant to cater to your musical tastes. The feature consists of up to six playlists that are curated by both machines and human beings in order to deliver content you’ll probably enjoy. If you like different styles of music and listen to them frequently, Tidal will add another personalized playlist to your library in hopes you’ll stream it and find new music to enjoy.

Of course, despite Tidal delivering the feature nonetheless, they’re extremely late. Both Spotify and Apple have offered personalized playlists on their respective platforms for years at this point, while other competitors like Pandora also offer personalized musical experiences in their apps. The fact Tidal is just now adding the feature is a bit alarming, especially since it’s no secret the service hasn’t been doing too hot with dwindling subscriber numbers and low user engagement.

Still, if you’re a Tidal subscriber, check your app because you’ll probably find a few My Mix playlists ready to be shuffled.