This Might Be Motorola’s Foldable RAZR Phone

Last week, The Wall Street Journal published a report suggesting Motorola was gearing up to reboot its iconic RAZR flip phone as a $1,500 foldable device, much like what we’re seeing with Samsung and other companies. Now, a new registration with the World Intellectual Property Organization by Motorola Mobility has popped up which may give us our first look at the device in question.

In the sketches, you can see a device that looks just like the RAZR of years past complete with a chunky chin and similar form factor. However, instead of having a screen at the top and buttons at the bottom when open, the device appears to include a large, tall display that covers nearly the whole interior of the phone. A hinge would allow the display to bend in half, granting users a familiar flip phone experience but better optimized for 2019.

In addition, like other phones before the rise of large touchscreens, the new RAZR may also come with a secondary display on its front side, likely for time and weather information.

It’s worth noting that nowhere in this registration does Moto mention the RAZR or whether it’s an upcoming phone. However, considering last week’s report, it’s perfectly reasonable to look at this thing and think this might be what Motorola is cooking up.

The new RAZR is said to be announced in February.