These Headphones Are Controlled Using Your Brain

Every now and then, we get a tip from a company with a new and sometimes weird invention they cooked up for us to write about. While we can’t write about every one that’s sent our way, we couldn’t help but take a further look into Neste’s latest offering.

Chances are you’ve never heard of Neste, and that’s okay. They’re a new company who believes in environmentally friendly products which are produced so the Earth doesn’t get harmed and may in the process be saved thanks to recycled materials being used. Highly advanced technology is produced by the company with products such as holographs, advanced mobile apps, and more. But one of the latest innovations the company has made is by far one of the coolest products I’ve ever seen…


Meet the ThinkEar headphones. They’re wireless earbuds that look and feel like your average pair of sport headphones. But, my friend, there’s much more to these puppies than meets the eye.

For starters, the headphones are cloud connected. This means that you don’t need a second device – like a smartphone, tablet, laptop, etc. – to connect them to in order to listen to music, podcasts, or any other listening content. All you need is your content stored in the assigned cloud. Of course, you can always connect the headphones over Bluetooth Smart, but it’s not required.

Second, these earbuds have built-in sensors that actually can translate languages people are speaking to you right on the spot alongside give you directions to where you wanna go. This would presumably require a mic and GPS system so voice actions could be taken place, however the folks over at Neste thought that a mic just wasn’t cool enough. So what do they do? They build in an EEG reader.

Okay, let me slow down a bit. Not many know what an EEG reader is. In short, it’s a sensor that can read your brainwaves and interpret commands based on what your mind tells it to do. So (in theory), if you wanted to go to 123 Lincoln Ave. from 45 Parks Blvd., all you’d have to do is think of point A and B and the ThinkEar headphones will begin to guide you. This also works with content listening. Since there’s no controls on these headphones, you just simply think of switching either back or forth within your music library and the ThinkEar headphones will do the rest. Of course, this is all still very pre-release stuff you can do with the earbuds, so let’s not get too crazy here. But nevertheless, it’s really cool to see something like this even exist in our lifetime.

It’s worth noting that you won’t be able to pick these earbuds up anywhere as they’re just a concept, at least for now. This and many other projects are all part of Neste’s Pre-order the Future project which “explores the potential that renewable materials and technology have to offer society sustainable alternatives in the near future.” Essentially, Neste wants to use highly advanced technology we all dreamed of as a kid which can be built, manufactured, and sold in the near future. And since brain sensors are continuing to grow and advance, Neste thought, “Why not make a pair of headphones you control with your mind?”

All in all, the work that this company is doing is great and I can’t wait to see what they come up with next. If you wanna learn more about the Pre-order the Future project, the ThinkEar headphones, and any other crazy gizmos and gadgets Neste’s been cooking up, head over to

Source: Neste