The Next iPad Pro Might Come with Three Rear Cameras

I’m a sucker for a new Apple product rumor. If I read a headline promoting an article that contains details about what might be a new feature or change for any of the Cupertino company’s products, I immediately click it and begin reading. That’s just what I did with this latest rumor out of Mac Otakara who says Apple will include not one, not two, but three rear cameras on the next iPad Pro.

By “next iPad Pro,” I meant the one that’s coming this year. That’s at least according to Mac Otakara‘s report which also stats a refreshed 10.2-inch iPad will get dual rear cameras this year. I’d like to touch a bit more on the Pro model, however, since it’s the most interesting.

A mockup of what the iPad Pro could look like with three rear cameras. | Source: Mac Otakara

According to the article, the next iPad Pro will get as many new cameras as Apple’s next flagship iPhone. With the iPhone, we’re expecting to see a standard camera, a telephoto camera, and an ultra-wide lens that lets you capture more of a scene into a single photo. It’s unclear if Apple will be featuring the same implementation with the iPad, but it would certainly be interesting if they did, especially since it would outrage those who are completely against taking any photos with an iPad.

An idea floating around the web as to what a triple camera layout could mean for the iPad has to do with AR. Apple has been making a big push toward developing possibly the biggest AR platform in the industry by implementing new technologies in its iOS devices. Giving the iPad a couple extra cameras such as a time-of-flight sensor could help with depth mapping and spacial measurements, leading to a more accurate capture of the world around you.

Of course, Mac Otakara isn’t always reliable. The publication doesn’t have a flawless track record when it comes to Apple rumors (who really does, anyway?) and it’s stated in the article that the information is mainly sourced from rumored cases for the next iPad Pro that apparently feature cutouts for three cameras. The same goes for the mysterious 10.2-inch iPad with its dual-camera setup.

October is typically the month when we see new iPads. If Apple doesn’t change its release format, we might only have another couple of months to get through until we know for sure whether the new iPad gets three rear cameras or if it sticks with one or two. As always, we’ll be sure to let you know.