The Leaked Surface Phone May Be a Dell Tablet w/ Full Windows 10 and Cellular Features After All

Just a couple of days ago, we brought you the news that Microsoft’s much-anticipated Surface Phone may had just leaked via one of the most reputable sources in the technology world. Of course, we didn’t really know if it was or wasn’t the Surface Phone, but by the looks of it, our best guess was yes. Now, a new report by Brad Sams from Thurrott has surfaced which claims that this leaked handset isn’t the Surface Phone at all, but a mini Dell tablet with full Windows 10 and cellular/telephony connectivity.

…these product shots show off a Dell made device (based on sources familiar with the phone) that would be using Intel inside.

With the claim of a laptop-class processor in the initial leak’s surfacing, the speculation surrounding whether this device was the Surface Phone or not grew stronger. However, this isn’t the case according to Sams and instead its simply a Dell tablet with an ultra-portable form factor that fits in one hand and features full Windows 10 and telephony capabilities. Yes, this does sound like your typical smartphone when you think about it, but this device was meant to be used like a tablet in the sense of you getting work done thanks to its form factor and compatibility with Continuum. I say was because in this new report, Dell shut down this project due to Intel discontinuing it’s low-end Atom processor lineup, therefore leaving this phablet (as if there wasn’t a more appropriate name for this device) processor-less. There were also talks x86 applications would be able to run on this device, but this isn’t confirmed.

In Sams’ report, even though Dell’s take on this concept isn’t coming (as of yet), we still may see something like this thanks to Microsoft’s possible Surface Phone. Surely, there will be plenty of functionality built into this handset as it’s an MS device and has Surface branding, but there’s still no guarantee it’ll ever see the light of day. That said, all we can do now is sit back and wait for the day when a smartphone joints the Surface Pro/Book/Studio.