The Google Phone App Won’t Ring When You Get a Spam Call

Google has begun rolling out an update to its native Phone application that takes further precautions to filter out those annoying spam calls we’re all fed up with.

In the new version of the app for Android, there’s an option in the settings section which lets you filter out suspected spam calls. This means your phone won’t ring or vibrate if it detects the caller is spam. In fact, you won’t even get a missed call notification or anything, which is a really nice touch.

Unfortunately, you aren’t totally left alone by these pesky callers. If the spammer leaves a voicemail, you’ll see the message in your inbox alongside a notification that someone left you a voicemail. But other than this one condition, you won’t be bothered by any telemarketers or someone telling you “hey, you’ve won a cruise!”

Of course, Google doesn’t have a library of every spam caller out there so you’re bound to have a few spammers slip through the new filter at some point. To help the company out, you can report any spam callers you get so the search giant knows to filter out the number the next time it tries to call.

The update should be rolling out to all users now.