The Google Assistant Can Now Give You Good News If You Ask For It

Google has begun rolling out a new, experimental feature that lets you consume some good news whenever you ask for it. This is to combat the overwhelming amount of negative and upsetting news we hear about every day. Now, no matter what device you have, you can ask the Google Assistant to “tell me something good” and it’ll deliver a response in the form of a positive piece of media.

The news has always played an essential role in our lives, keeping us informed about the world and the issues we care about. These days we’re consuming more news than ever, and sometimes, it can feel like there are only problems out there. But the fact is, there is a plethora of “good news” happening, and we’re not talking about unlikely animal friendships or random acts of kindness. Real people are making progress solving real issues—and hearing about those stories is a crucial part of a balanced media diet.

The Assistant is making this kind of news easier to find.

“Tell me something good” is a new experimental feature for Assistant users in the U.S.  that delivers your daily dose of good news. Just say “Hey Google, tell me something good” to receive a brief news summary about people who are solving problems for our communities and our world.

According to Google, the content being delivered to this functionality is filtered out by the Solutions Journalism Network, a nonpartisan nonprofit who spreads the practice of solutions journalism. They’re a pretty perfect fit for such a feature so it’s nice to see them serve a role in providing for the function.

Google says the feature is live for everyone with access to the Assistant.