Tesla Discontinues the Standard Range Model S and X

As reported by Reuters, Tesla today dropped the Standard Range trims from the Model S and X lineups. This comes amidst a sort of panic within the company to simplify its lineup and maximize profits so as not to crumble. The car manufacturer also has tweaked the Standard Range Plus trim associated with the Model 3 by lowering its price from $39,900 to $38,990.

“To make purchasing our vehicles even simpler, we are standardizing our global vehicle lineup and streamlining the number of trim packages offered for Model S, Model X and Model 3,” Tesla told Reuters. “We are also adjusting our pricing in order to continue to improve affordability for customers.”

Thanks to the change, the Model S now starts at $79,990 while the Model X goes for $84,990. That’sa few thousand dollars a pop that’s been tacked onto the starting price for each respective vehicle. Mind you, if you’re buying a Tesla, there’s a pretty good chance you can swing the extra money, but paying more for anything always sucks. Elon Musk wants profits, guys, and he wants them now.