T-Mobile Rebrands MetroPCS with New Plans, Amazon Prime and Google One Perks

Five years after the Magenta carrier acquired the pre-paid service, T-Mobile has announced a rebranding of MetroPCS with the introduction of new plans and perks for customers. According to the company, MetroPCS will now be known as Metro by T-Mobile, or Metro for short. It’s also getting a new logo and updated aesthetic. It also seems like it’s getting a new slogan: “That’s Genius!” T-Mobile CEO John Legere says it enough in the below video, at least.

To commemorate today’s launch, T-Mobile is introducing two new plans for Metro that come with some nice perks. For one, there’s a new $50/month plan that gets you unlimited talk, text, and data with 5GB of mobile hotspot LTE. You also get 100GB of cloud storage thanks to integration with Google One. T-Mobile says it’s the first carrier to offer such a promotion and it’ll prove to be worth it for many people.


The second plan costs $60/month and is nearly identical to the $50 one. The only two exceptions are the fact you get 15GB of LTE mobile hotspot data and an additional Amazon Prime subscription which normally costs $120/year. Personally, I’d opt for the $60/month plan since you get everything included, but that’s for you to decide.

Of course, Metro still comes with some downsides despite packing a pretty decent feature set under the hood. You still can’t watch HD video over cellular (videos are limited to 480p, for those asking) and your connection will be throttled after you use 35GB of data. These aren’t exactly major issues especially considering how cheap the plans are, but it’s good information to have if you’re considering subscribing.


T-Mobile says the new Metro is built for wireless customers who still think prepaid phone plans are “synonymous with limited coverage, cheap flip phones or bad credit.” That’s probably the reason it’s now called Metro by T-Mobile in order for it to look more attractive to customers on a budget since it now carries the T-Mobile brand. Whether any of this will convince users to subscribe over competitors like Cricket Wireless or Boost Mobile has yet to be seen. If I had to place a bet, though, I’d say the Uncarrier can probably expect a pretty decent turnout.