Super Mario is Coming to the iPhone Thanks to an Endless Runner

During today’s iPhone 7 event, Apple announced that one of the most iconic video game characters of all time will be coming to iOS devices everywhere via Nintendo. And if you read the headline or know who a particular red plumber is, you’ll know I’m talking about Super Mario.

Near the beginning of the keynote, Tim Cook brought out Shigeru Minamoto to the stage to talk about Super Mario Run, an endless runner-type game that has the same goal as every other recent Mario title: get to the flag.

In this game, players simply tap on their display to jump over obstacles and collect coins. By tapping and holding, you can jump even higher and collect more coins or avoid taller hurdles. Multiplayer is also possible to challenge friends to a competition to see who’s fastest at beating a certain level in the game.

Nintendo said that the game will be free to play to some extent, while a one-time unlock fee will be offered to gain access to the entire game. Super Mario Run will make its way to the App Store by the holiday season of 2016, while the company confirmed to Kotaku that the game will launch on Android “at some point in the future.”

You can register to be notified when Super Mario Run is available to download by clicking this link.

Via: 9to5Mac, DroidLife, Kotaku