Strange Being Appears Over World Trade Center Light on 9/11

Rich McCormack, a resident of Hoboken, NJ, was taking some pictures while standing on the waterfront on the evening of September 11th at around 9:30PM when two beams of light symbolizing the World Trade Centers were lit up to honor the attacks made 15 years ago. After snapping said photos, he began reviewing them when one stood out to him.


If you look closely at the image above, right at the top of the beam of light is some type of figure. Rumor has it that this figure stands about 5 feet tall and seems to have his hands folded with his elbows out. His head appears to be looking down on the beam of light, while no platform seems to be present for the being to be standing on, leading to speculation that he may be floating.

As a result, there’s been plenty of speculation as to who or what this being really is. Some say it’s an extraterrestrial visiting Earth, while others say it’s probably an angel. In fact, a majority of spectators seem to think that the being in these photos is Jesus Christ himself watching over us. On such an iconic but tragic day, it would make sense for someone to see the Lord keeping his eye on us all, and it seems like McCormack agrees.

Here’s what he told Inside Edition.

“It looked like the image of the lord or an angel… I feel like it was angels watching over us,” he said.

McCormack also says the image wasn’t Photoshopped or altered in any way, so it’s unclear just what/who this being was that night.

Of course, there’s always the possibility this being isn’t a figure or spirit at all, as some believe an odd cloud formation is to blame. But to the majority of viewers, it seems like angels or Jesus were the one(s) seen at the top of the beam of light.

What’s your take on this mystery? Was it just a cloud formation, or could it be someone from another planet or a spiritual place?