Spotify Now Offers $14.99/Month Family Plan, Matches Apple Music and Google Play Music

Spotify has finally upgraded their family plan which has seemed out-of-place for quite some time now. The new plan, for $14.99 per month, allows current Spotify users to add up to 6 of their family members to stream the company’s entire music and video library while also giving users separate profiles so everyone’s music doesn’t get all combined and messed up. This type of plan matches Apple Music’s and Google Play Music’s family plans which offer the same perks.

Before, Spotify offered a $30 per month family plan which allowed a family of 5 to access the company’s streaming libraries with all separate profiles, however this wasn’t met with much satisfaction as Apple Music’s or Google Play Music’s family plans did.

All current family plan customers of Spotify’s will be automatically upgraded to the new $14.99 per month plan and will be allowed to add one final user to their account. This new plan is also now rolling out globally, however if you live in Canada, you’re out of luck (hopefully not for long).

Source: Spotify via The Verge