Spotify Might Make Premium Cheaper for You and a Friend

Spotify may soon make it much more affordable for two people to have Premium subscriptions. The company has begun testing a new subscription tier called Premium Duo which will lower the cost for two people to have Premium memberships from almost €20 a month to €12.49 a month. The plan will work the same way Family plans do in which you’ll be able to set up multiple user accounts (in this case, just two) under the same billing account. The Verge was able to confirm the test after it leaked on Reddit.

Premium Duo will also offer up some unique features. For instance, it will give you access to a new Duo Mix playlist will be automatically filled with music based on you your friend’s listening habits. “Chill” and “Upbeat” options for the playlist will also be offered.

It’s worth pointing out, however, that you need to be in the same household to take advantage of the feature. Spotify has cracked down on groups of differently located friends posing as families with Family plans in the past, and the company will likely be doing the same with Premium Duo. Couples, roommates, and siblings are safe, but not if you live in different areas.

I mentioned pricing above in euros and not U.S. dollars because, as The Verge points out, Premium Duo is only available in Columbia, Chile, Denmark, Ireland, and Poland at the moment. However, if the subscription does make it to the States, it’ll likely cost $12.49 a month.

Right now, we don’t have any information on whether Spotify plans to expand the reach of the subscription tier, but we’ll let you know if we learn more in the future.