Spotify is Redesigning its Library with Podcasts in Mind

It isn’t reaching everyone just yet, but a few users have noticed that Spotify is rolling out a redesigned interface for its library in its app. The changes were noted by The Verge who was able to capture the screenshots below.

As you can see, the changes are rather significant. Instead of a bunch of options directly on the Library page, Spotify now gives you two principal choices: Music or Podcasts. After making a selection, you’ll be greeted by a minimal UI that will help you find the content you want to play. It’s all a part of Spotify’s push into the podcast market, with today’s update making it easier for users to access their favorite audio shows.

In addition, the new music layout focuses on playlists rather a long list of songs, albums, or artists. They’ll all be accessible on their own, but since a majority of users stick with playlists for the most part, it makes sense to place them front and center.

Right now, it’s unclear how many users are getting the new UI other than a select few. However, if it begins rolling out more broadly, we’ll let you know.