Spotify is Finally Testing an Official Apple Watch App

For Apple Watch users, there aren’t very many ways to play music. In fact, one of the only possible solutions is to go through Apple Music itself in order to listen to your own playlists, albums, and artists both online and offline. However, it appears another contender may be gearing up to step into the ring in the future: Spotify.

As spotted by beta testers of the service’s iOS app, Spotify is finally starting to test a new version of its app specifically built for the Apple Watch. It can be installed by anyone who’s been invited to test beta versions of the iOS application.

Admittedly, right now, the app’s very limited – you can only play and pause music alongside track skipping, much like you can in the music playback widget on your iPhone or iPad lock screen. However, nothing remains off the table at the moment, so there’s a possibility that Spotify will one day bring offline playback and library sifting to the Apple Watch. We just don’t know when.

If you’d like to give the Spotify app for Apple Watch ago, you’ll need to send in your information using this form. Afterward, wait for a TestFlight invitation from Spotify, download the beta version, and install the app on your Watch.