Spider-Man: Homecoming Gets Two Official Trailers, and They’re Great (I Think)

Last night during Jimmy Kimmel LIVE!, the very first trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming debuted. And yes, I stayed up to watch it. Because I’m a sucker for Spidey. Don’t judge me.

In the trailer, there’s definitely a reminder that Spider-Man is returning to his roots in Homecoming with a comedic touch felt throughout the 2:17 clip, something also featured in multiple Spider-Man-based TV shows and comics. We also get a peek into Peter Parker’s life at high school and how Tony Stark [yes, Stark is in it too (a lot)] is attempting to help Parker cope with his new abilities. In addition, our first look at The Vulture in action can also be found in this footage, with the character looking more like the Green Goblin with wings rather an actual vulture.

I’m not sure if it’s the fanboy-ism in me or the fact that it actually is awesome, but I really enjoyed this trailer the first time I watched it. I thought it told us enough about what we need to know leading up to the final release of the film on July 7, 2017 by indicating that Peter is still a nerdy kid in high school trying to balance being a student and superhero. Plus, we also caught glimpses at what other elements of Homecoming will ultimately become, with Stark looking to become a mentor for Spidey and The Vulture ready to harm everyone Peter loves (and if it weren’t already obvious, this probably means something will happen to Aunt May).

Unfortunately for some, the trailer may seem a bit boring. And yes, I’ll admit it does get a bit boring with all the high school shots, but that’s part of the reason why the film’s second trailer (yes, two trailers surfaced at the same time) is way more awesome.

In the first international trailer for Homecoming, we see a lot more Spider-Man than in the US trailer. We also get our first look at Shocker and even more of The Vulture.

In addition, it seems that Tony Stark has a stronger presence in this clip, something the US version didn’t entirely lack. We’ve also caught a glimpse at Aunt May herself, but Uncle Ben remains absent as we’ve already learned he had died before this story took place.

Overall, if you like a bunch of action shots and jamming music in your superhero trailers, you’ll like the international Homecoming clip way more than the US version. But if you’re like me and appreciate all the footage you can get, you’ll have both trailers on repeat all day today.

Spider-Man: Homecoming swings into theaters July 7, 2017.