SoundCloud Go+ Subscribers Now Get High Quality Audio Streaming for No Additional Cost

SoundCloud has announced a new addition to its Go+ streaming tier which gives subscribers the option of listening to higher-quality audio for no additional cost. That means the price of the plan will remain $10 a month. The company takes aim with the new feature directly at competitors such as Tidal and Deezer who charge extra for high fidelity streaming.

Starting today, SoundCloud Go+ subscribers can select high quality audio streaming. This means that the 30MM+ premium tracks available through your Go+ subscription and all content on SoundCloud uploaded directly by established and emerging artists in lossless formats are now available for high quality streaming. If you’re a Go+ subscriber and ready to elevate your listening, simply opt-in via your SoundCloud settings under “Streaming quality.”

According to SoundCloud, hi-fi audio will be streamed at 256kbps using AAC files. If users upload songs in that format, the app will give you the option to stream in high quality. The feature should begin rolling out to users in the very near future.

Update 10-17-2018 3:51 PM ET: Updated to clarify how SoundCloud handles streaming hi-fi audio.