Someone Got Windows 95 to Run in a Web Browser

19 year old Scottish developer Andrea Faulds has been able to get Windows 95, an operating system over 20 years old, in run inside a web browser. And mind you he didn’t use any special downloads, software, or plugins to get it running. In fact, considering he didn’t use any of these specific resources, anyone can just visit a certain link to check out Windows 95 for themselves running in real time inside their favorite browser.


Andrea managed to run the OS by using emscriptem, an emulator that converts C++ code into JavaScript in real time, and, obviously, a web browser.

The emolator does take around a minute to load, but when it does, you’l be sporting Windows 95 like a boss. The emulator allows users to use such programs as Solitare and Minesweeper, which work pretty flawlessly. However, Internet Explorer (for some reason) just won’t work, and that might be because you’ll be running a web browser inside a web browser.

If you wanna try out the emulator for yourself, click here, and let us know what you think of it.