Someone Got a Pic of Himself Using an iPhone 7 Plus

Taiwanese actor and singer Jimmy Lin has leaked previous iPhones before, like the iPhone 5 in 2012 and the iPhone 6 in 2014. Now, the celebrity is back at it again with a leaked photo of what appears to be himself using an iPhone 7 Plus.

Source: Yeah1

In the pic, you can see Lin simply interacting with the upcoming iPhone model that’s not scheduled for release until next month. However, some how this guy gets iPhones way before they’re supposed to be even unveiled let alone released. But what makes this an iPhone 7 Plus, you may ask? Well…

For starters, that camera though. Various rumors and leaks have suggested that the upgraded iPhone 7 model would include a dual-camera system, and it appears that’s been ‘confirmed’ in the photo above. In addition, if you look closely, you’ll notice that the antenna lines on the back of the phone have been moved to the top. This has also been rumored for quite some time now as the current iPhone 6’s antenna lines look a bit misplaced on the back of the device. And while the bottom of the device isn’t visible, we can assume this is the same case for that portion of the handset.

Other than those two factors, we can’t really say anything more about the image above. The device is clearly in Rose Gold, but that’s all we know. in fact, it’s even possible this is a fake and that Lin is just looking at a mockup iPhone 7 Plus which have been floating around the internet lately. But nevertheless, since this guy has history of leaking iPhones that have become reality in the past, we couldn’t help but share this pic with you.

Do you think the above is legit?

Source: Yeah1 via Cult of Mac