Snapchat’s Releasing a Tech-Inspired Digital Magazine Called “Real Life”

Snapchat recently announced that they will be releasing a digital magazine based on technology they’re calling Real Life. And no, it’s not just for geeks’ pleasure…

Rather talking about the technology industry, Snapchat decided that “essays, arguments, and narratives about live with technology” would be better. And from a regular Snapchat user standpoint, it probably is. How many readers would Snapchat have if this magazine was directed towards geeks and geeks only who knew about processors, RAM management, or even simple build materials of a smartphone? Probably not a lot. So it’s better to write about things that more people will understand while also touching on the world of tech.

Real Life will be available on the web rather the official Snapchat app and will publish one article each weekday. Snapchat says they also may expand to other mediums and formats as well in the future, however let’s walk before we run.

In case you were wondering, Nathan Jurgenson will serve as editor in chief, while Rob Horning, Alexandra Molotkow, and Sarah Nicole Prickett will be the site’s senior editors and Soraya King as the managing editor. Real Life will launch its first article on June 27th on and host a live launch event in New York City at 6:30 PM ET where you can attend for free to watch a movie, get questions answered, and learn about Videodrome (whatever that is) by the team behind the new publication.

Source: Real Life via The Verge