Snapchat Spectacles Now Available in NYC

There’s a new location where you can buy Snapchat’s crazy sunglasses called Spectacles. It’s in New York City, and its right next door to the Apple store.

To be more specific, the exact location is 5 E 59th St, New York, NY. In this dedicated store, one Minion-shaped vending machine sits in the back which can distribute two pairs of Spectacles per customer. I’m assuming Snap Inc. chose a whole store for their vending machine and not a spot on the sidewalk for security reasons (I mean, it’s New York after all), but I could be wrong.

Showcase piece?

Never mind.

To make it’s presence known, a giant sign above the store in bright yellow and a big eye can be seen from basically anywhere on this street, so at least you won’t get lost while looking for the Spectacles.

For those who don’t know, the Spectacles cost $129.95. This may seem like a lot for a pair of smart sunglasses, but hey, it’s Snapchat. What’r’ya gonna do?

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