Snapchat is Rolling Out a Rebuilt Version of its Android App

After promising the app earlier last year, Snapchat is finally rolling out a reworked version of its Android app to users around the world. The app has been in dire need of a rebuild for quite some time on Android as its iOS counterpart has proven to be much faster and more enjoyable to use. Now, hopefully, users will get a similar experience.

With the new version, Snapchat has completely rebuilt the way its app works on various Android phones. It reworked how the camera operates, how animations are handled – basically any ground-laying framework there is, it’s been rethought and restructured. Now, Android users should have a much more pleasant time using the app. This update will also help Snapchat ship updates faster, possibly at or before the time those on iOS get them.

You can download the latest version of Snapchat for Android from the Play Store for free.